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DJ DAB aka "The Last Dragon"





AGE: 39





Follow the amazing journey below in an interactive time line.

Discover the underground culture of "Dab" that is proliferating pop culture.

Time Line


Deeper than the ocean, more driven than a mighty hurricane and hotter than the surface of the sun, all describe this DJ in a brilliant way. DJ Dab for short, is a charismatic and deeply evolved DJ with a flair for creative control over a crowd.

He hails from the "DMV" lovingly known as D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. He brings with him to Los Angeles and beyond a style called "Dab Ku Do Fu". It's a way of life that connects the fun of a party atmosphere with a powerful connection to the inner joy we share beyond the music.

Once a computer programmer, this DJ is technical and has an array of broad skills able to produce you a heart grabbing, soul compelling show that brings out the best in your crowd. Now having been a DJ in LA for 6 years on radio and other media, DJ Dab is in the hour of basking in the dance movement the "Dab" which is taking on popular culture by storm.

Now residing in Washington DC DJ Dab has pioneered a revolution in Indigo Children abilities. The popular group, "The Migos", in the past two years has coined the word "Dab" as a way of life or a way of swag for the young generations of today. The Dab dance is a culmination of this DJ's underground influence. His record speaks for it self.

2008 - DJ Dab aka "The Last Dragon" buys his first equipment. Records his first mix.
During this time DJ Dab began doing open DJ night at a club called "SO ADDICTIVE LOUNGE"

2009 - Now having established "Latin Nights" at "SO ADDICTIVE LOUNGE" & starting 3 mix tape series; Grind N Glow, The Streets Glow, and I Miss The 90's R&B , a move to Los Angeles happens at the end of the summer.

2010 - Keeping a moderate profile, DJ Dab visits major studios with his mentor Devine Evans and breaks into the Hollywood scene DJing a private party for the cast of "Glee". A new mix tape series evolved during this time called "Dragon Season".

2011 - Forging full steam ahead DJ Dab joins TC Izlam, the 3rd son of Afrika Bambaataa, on a Hollywood talk show "The Hipstep Lounge Show". He also begins the foundations for the "Weshine Music" group of DJs.

2012 - Having put his faith in Hip Hop this year provides him growth and opportunity in the culture, as he becomes a student of Hip Hop and it's culture at the purest level.

2013 - At the end of production for the "HipStep Lounge Show", production began on a separate show called "The Somethin Fresh Show' . DJ Dab began to host the show with Queen Feline of The Universal Zulu Nation of Hip Hop & DJ Zodiac Killah a native New Yorker relocated to Los Angeles. This was the year Weshine Music DJs came into being.

2014 - Having developed a core team of 3 DJ's Weshine Music DJ's Service Launched and began being booked for weddings, corporate parties, fashion shows and club events and begins producing beats.

2015 - Now with the crew expanding to 5 DJ's DJ Dab & Weshine Music established a summer party called "The Pop Up Park Jam" & founded a 24 online radio station "XfadrRadio"

This year also marked the beginning of a new mix tape series called "The Way Of The Black Dragons" and thus began the "Dab On Em" movement.

2016 - To flash forward into the future is the goal of the youth.

2017 - Is unwritten, because now the god is spitting.


Beginning in his bedroom, a mix tape DJ was born.

There was a sense of passion early for making works of art
threw mix tape production.


A mix tape series of Indie and pop artists in Hip Hop. The origin of the motivation behind this DJ.


A mix tape made for a Oakland California MC who was just taking off
in his market. He focused on education of street youth, as he was also a middle school teacher.


As Indie artist email poured in DJ Dab began to do the Grind N Glow mix tape series monthly.


DJ Dab is booked for his first party outside the "SO ADDICTIVE LOUNGE".

Working with many promoters, parties included, Pajama Parties, Artist Show Cases, and Hip Hop Friday nights at "Wings N Things".

Being a DJ of the digital era, the first set of DJ decks Dab used where electronic. DJ Hercules RMX's with a Macbook Pro.

This began a many months of DJing Latin Lights at So Addictive Lounge and my mix tape series.

Hercules RMX

Macbook Pro

A logo is developed and an on-line presence is created to maximize on marketing.

As a budding mix tape producer more mix tapes are made. The loss of Micheal Jackson prompted a tribute mix tape.

The mix tapes rounded out with Grind N Glow Vol 6 & an Indie mix tape for Seymour Green from Boston.

Then the move to Los Angeles began. This is an interview below from the month before Dab moved to California.

DJ Dab also does all the graphic work for every mix tape.

[VIDEO] Footage filmed coming through the Serra Nevada Mountains.

All people must evolve and this was the year that began with more industry based work. This began the studio life and the radio show life.

DJ Dab was hired to work as a DJ for an all talk Podcast Radio Station that pioneered the entertainment field in Hollywood. Jack from Jack FM started Hot Talk LA.

"The Hipstep Lounge Show" on Hot Talk LA

Hipstep into the world of America's original tri-state, young HipHop Pioneer TC Izlam with Baby Bam, DJ Dab, DJ Ancient Teqniqes, and Mickey Flair.

DJ Dab worked as the DJ for the live and recorded shows. The show went for 25 Episodes, taking the cast from Los Angeles to San Fransisco to Long Beach interviewing stars and everyday business people who enjoy Hip Hop culture and its ongoing debate.

The mix tape collection grew every month ending with
Dragon Season Vol 1, soon to be his favorite mix tape.

Some of the shows caused a stir and touched on issues in the community not often discussed.

The year ended on a high bringing the world renowned Afrika Bambaataa to Long Beach California for the first time ever.

DJ Dab worked the entire year for The Hipstep Lounge Show and Hot Talk LA as a DJ and guest host.

The highlight show was held in San Francisco with the All Tribes of The Universal Zulu Nation. It was DJ Dabz first time using vinyl records and spinning for a Hip Hop purest.

DJ Dab worked on mix tapes through out the year. He was privileged to do a mix tape for Kool Keith of the Ultra Magnetic MCs. The  BLACK Koolade mix tape is an underground master piece. The last mix tape of the year was done with an Indie artist out of San Diego named Yung Da Rula. Dragon Season Vol 2 was completed and opened up Indie artist to work more with DJ Dab.



DJ Dab and the crew from the Hipstep Lounge Show break off for a hiatus and he begins to work on perfecting the art of Digital DJ techniques. He invents a new DJ style called Dab Ku Do Fu. He graduates from the Hercules DJ RMX to Numarks NS7.



Dragon Fly Finger
Using one finger to tap the cue over and over on beat.
Dragon Scratch
Using the cue pad to scratch while swinging the plater.
Dragon Drags
Passing over a beat with a rolling effect to get the tempo pushed up.
Dragon Rewinds
Dragon rewinds move the record back by using the cues.
Dragon Ball Bounce
Passing over a words to make the artist sound like they're stuttering.
Dragon Blends
Blending on the off beats in the same key.

The show lasted throughout the summer, fall and winter. At the end of the year our parent station Hot Talk LA closed their doors
of operation.

Heaven on Earth.

The Mixtape That Changed My Mind forever and a day.

I enjoyed this production from FUTURISTIC LINGO from NY.

DJ Dab and the crew from the Somethin Fresh Show begin production in November covering the Los Angeles Art Walk, and utilizing "The Last Book Store" as a home base for interviews with writers, politicians, and artists from all walks of life.

Dragon Season Vol 3 marked the best production so far for any of DJ Dabz mix tapes. It was crafted with a powerful message that carried over
Vol 1 & 2.

It's Just Futuristic was the first use of Dab Ku Do Fu in a mix tape. This mix was done with DJ Radia as an experiment in two DJs mixing back to back.


The Birth


Weshine Music DJs

DJ Dab and some new found DJ's began to mesh and decided to band together sharing skills and learning new ways to utilize the new DJ technology that many of the DJ's in the crew began to embrace. The team of 3 DJ's founded a corporation and began marketing for Weddings and Private events in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Weshine Music DJ's is a  technical squad of DJs proficient in their craft.

The company averages 5 weddings a year.
The DJ's are booked for fashion shows, festivals, and corporate events.

The DJ's are growing every year as the events come in so do the DJ's willing to work with the team.

DJ Dab is the technical "lynch pin" and main owner of the company.


DJ Dabblin always being up for a challenge creates a mix tape series based on Dragon Ball Z, a popular kids cartoon about warriors, and mixes it with a New York style in Barclay Z Vol 1.

This was another year where mix tape production dominated most of DJ Dabz private DJ works. The craft of story telling was deeply compelling and his goal was to break new artist along the way as he basically told his auto biography through mix tape production.

Having now produced many mix tapes, this year was very experimental as the young DJ charted through the world of Hip Hop. From Indie artist to Pop artist, his support for good music grew more refined and special with every mix tape made while mixing on the Numark NS7s.

DJ Dab was joined by DJ Grimlock in producing music mix tapes for the fans of the DJ crew. Mix tapes are passed out a live shows by the DJ crew.

Dragon Season 4 was a trip to Marz. It also marked the completion of Dab Ku Do Fu as a great style for party DJing.

Now moving to expand the Dab Ku Do Fu style to other places DJ Dab picks up an Ableton Push and learns to produce his
own beats for future shows and potential sales to A&Rs.

Moving through the marketing world at a fast pace the name of DJ Dab begins to be spoken on the name of underground artist all over the country. Barclay Z vol 2 drops as well as two mix tapes feature Chris Brown & Usher called Crusher.

Picking up where I left off, a week ago. #3rdEyeMasterSunday

A video posted by DJ Dabblin (@dabblin) on

DJ Dab makes 5 beats a day for 5 months as he prepares to learn more production techniques from other DJ's in the Weshine Music DJ crew and mentors from around Hip Hop.

He tends to like 9th Wonders production style and studies it.

This beat "Crouching Panther" is an ommage to the sound that DJ Dab heard in NEW YORK and the East Coast.  This is a Dab Beat!


For more beats:

Dragon Season Vol 5 is the last one of this mix tape series. It was a beautiful journey that took us to Jupiter. This also ended a push into the 5 year journey of DJ Dab as a DJ, to master the art & techniques passed on from elders in Hip Hop.

 DJ Dab now working on his latest mix tapes, Barclay Z & the upcoming "The Way Of The Black Dragons" is poised to Dab all over the world.

Enjoying the power of DJing for clubs in Los Angeles and many private events, DJ Dab has settled into his own. He now opens a 24 hour radio station with DJ Zodiac Killah,





The World


Hip Hop

to promote not only his mixes and those of the Weshine Music DJs, but to also open a door for Indie artist to shine through real radio promotion.

The Dab becomes a major word in young Hip Hop culture and soon spreads to the masses via a Hip Hop group known as "The Migos"

They drop hits like: "Bitch Dab", "Pipe It up".

The dance that comes along with this new Hip Hop slang word is very simple and is so easy even people not paying attention to Hip Hop culture begin to take notice, specially the NFL & sports broadcasters.

DJ Dab produces his new favorite series of mix tapes called
Barclay Z Vol 3 "The Battle of The Godz'Illa".



 DJ Dab produces his his first live radio mix tape called

"The Way Of The Black Dragons" inspired by Dab Ku Do Fu.



The Party of the summer was the culmination of a all DJ's with
Weshine Music coming together to throw our first annual
Pop Up
Park Jam

The event was about the music culture in LA, with fun and games for the family, a summer cookout and 5 hours of non stop Jams.

From humble beginnings to now it's time for DJ Dab to proceed higher with his career, he begins to seek professionals in management, promotion, and public relations.

The Dab movement that sprung up in Hip Hop even had this DJ caught off guard and he realized a need to tackle the market in a bold fresh new way. There is value in striking while the iron is RED HOT.


The definition of Meme is similar to what Dab is to Hip Hop culture. Have you ever read the official definition for a MEME?












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